Summer camp is a great experience enjoyed by many kids every year. Campers are able to participate in a variety of sports including swimming, boating, tennis and team sports. They can also participate in nature hikes, take classes to learn crafts and enjoy an evening campfire.

Understanding Camp Food Expenses

The cost of a week at summer camp can be substantial, depending on where it is, the facility and the organization supporting it. It is only natural that parents expect their children will be fed nutritious foods that support a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes summer camp cooks are challenged to create meals kids love that are also nutritious and simple to prepare.

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day, so a bowl of sugary cereal with milk and a glass of juice does not provide good nutrition. Oatmeal is a healthy cereal, but most people do not really care for it. A simple and easy substitute is oatmeal and fruit muffins served with a breakfast casserole made with eggs, hash brown potatoes and sausage or ham. These healthy foods can be made in advance so early morning preparation is minimal.

After an activity-filled morning, kids will be hungry and be wanting a nutritious lunch for some quick energy. The camp cook is fortunate in that kids love foods that are easy to prepare. Ethnic foods such as tacos, burritos, and pizza and pasta dishes are simple to fix as well healthful when prepared with fresh and nutritious ingredients. Kids love building their own tacos or pizzas, and this is a real time saver for the cook.

Fresh Fruit For Your Camp Food Essentials

Fresh fruit is a great dessert option and also takes very little time and effort to prepare. Since kids are growing and active, they can enjoy more treats than adults. Cookies and bars made with healthy ingredients can be made in advance so the kids can have an afternoon snack for the extra energy an activity-filled afternoon calls for.

Dinner is the most substantial meal of the day for most people, so the cook should plan the menu well in advance. Cooking and baking most of the menu items in advance is the best way to simplify serving a full course meal to a large number of people.

Camp Foods For Picky Kids

Some kids are picky eaters, so the cook should keep the meals simple. Hamburgers, grilled chicken or bratwurst are food items most kids are used to, and they are also quick and easy to prepare. A variety of side dishes such as baked beans, potato salad or pasta salad round out the menu of a healthy kids meal.

Cooks who work at summer camp are fortunate because there are so many great foods available during the summer season. Sweet corn, watermelon and an abundance of delicious fruits and vegetables are in season and available in most grocery stores. This makes it easy to create healthy meals that include main dishes and desserts. These are also the kind of foods kids love, so cooking tasty meals for summer campers need not be complicated.