Introducing Kids To Camp

For kids, summer camp is often one of the first experiences that they have away from their parents for more than a day or two. Most youngsters grow to relish this time thanks to the fun games and activities that accompany camp each year. Camp staff has the responsibility of putting together the exciting itinerary that will keep their crowd happy.

Fortunately, there are all kinds of games that you can play involving children and even building skills at the same time. Many kids find that activities involving food are some of the most enjoyable because they have permission to make a mess, something that their parents and teachers certainly don’t want when it comes to food!


A Few Fun Games With Food

Fruit Surgery is a fun game that demands very little additional resources. You will break the crowd down into groups of two or three. Beforehand, you will randomly cut up a fruit item for each group. Oranges, grapefruit, bananas, and apples are all good choices.

Present each team with their cut fruit and some items for reassembly. Consider giving various supplies to the teams so they can work together to find the best solution for their fruit. A couple of toothpicks, tape and anything else that you can think of that would be fun to use. For a colorful twist, use cocktail toothpicks!

When the kids really want to get messy, pull out Cookies & Cream. For each participant, place a bowl outside or on an even table. Pour equal amounts of whipped cream into each dish and float a cookie in the middle. The kids are not allowed to touch the bowl but must consume all of the whipped topping and the cookie in order to “win.”

All you need is a few peas and some straws for the next one. You will need to set up the room as you would for a relay. The teams will stand on one side while each has a bowl of peas on the other. When the timer starts, each team sends one kid forth with a straw. That youngster is to use suction to hold the pea on the other end of the straw and return it to their side.

Make sure that you have a bowl or other clearly defined area for the return to prevent upset during the game. Each team member must bring back one pea. Once a person has brought theirs back, they sit out, allowing their teammates an opportunity to get theirs. Whichever team has all of their peas returned first wins!

These game suggestions are just the start of the fun games involving food that have been entertaining kids for years. When preparing games involving food, make sure that you take any dietary considerations of the campers into account. Continue to evolve your summer camp plans as you learn what the campers at your place enjoy.

Most of all, make sure that the kids are safe, intellectually stimulated and that they build memories that will last them a lifetime!