Special Dietary Restrictions

Providing Nutritious Alternatives That Taste Great

Good Nutrition is Essential

Summer camp is a time for special fun and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Top among the list of things that kids judge their experience by is the food. We understand that good nutrition is essential to their health and well-being while at camp. Certain campers, who have special dietary concerns, often worry about whether or not they are going to have the same tasty food as their peers. At CampFood.org, we make sure that those with allergies, lifestyle, or religious food restrictions can find plenty of delicious options that they will love just as much!

Common Food Allergies

Too many catering companies settle for just being good or “good enough.” While this might be okay for a one-day youth outing or an unimportant general get-together, when you’re looking at a serious corporate function, you don’t want a mediocre showing. You want an experienced caterer with a track record of outstanding success with these specialized types of catering events.

The difference between a good event and a great event is huge, and CampFood.org understands that paying attention to every detail matters. That’s how we make that difference. Whether an outdoor picnic setup or an upscale indoor retreat, you can count on our professionals to set up the perfect catering experience that meet’s your company’s very specific needs.

Although many kids love peanut butter, it can be extremely dangerous for those who are allergic to peanuts. Additionally, there are several tree nuts that are known to cause allergies in some people. These include almonds, Brazil nuts, pecans, pine nuts, and walnuts. For children with nut allergies, we commonly use substitutes such as rice, corn, millet, and even roasted beans!

Accommodating Religious and Lifestyle Choices

Beyond allergies, there are other dietary restrictions that we can accommodate, such as religious or lifestyle choices. The most common are kosher, vegetarian and vegan. Vegans do not eat eggs, dairy or meat products in any form. There are also some who restrict honey because it is made by bees. On the other hand, vegetarians consume all of these things, with the exception of meat and sometimes, eggs.

Kosher foods restrict meat consumption, including the elimination of shellfish. Meat from cows, sheep, and goats is permitted, while pig products are not. Our chefs are well-prepared and equipped with a large variety of substitute entrees, snacks, and desserts. Rest assured that CampFord.org can provide delicious, well-balanced meals that adhere to any dietary restriction.

The Importance of Feeling Welcome and Safe at Camp

We work hard to ensure that all young campers feel welcome and safe at your camp by understanding these important dietary restrictions and providing excellent substitutions. Our delicious replacements will help them to focus on the excitement of camp rather than worrying about their food restrictions. Let our award-winning team of nutritionists and chefs develop the perfect menu options for your upcoming season. Call us today and discover what makes our company simply the best!

Summer Camp Food Service

We believe that a great meal shared with new and old friends creates memories that can last a lifetime. Let us show you how we can make your next camp season truly spectacular!